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Exploring our Parks and Lodges

While living and working at our parks and lodges, you will have the opportunity to explore and create adventures of a lifetime. This experience will help you unplug from the digital world and get back in touch with nature. If you're ready for a simpler way of life, spending less time staring at a screen and more time creating unforgettable experiences, then grab your hiking gear, camera and get ready to explore on your days off!

Outdoor Activities

Xanterra Parks and Lodges offer their employees a tremendous array of outdoor recreational activities and events. With programs to help employees meet each other, the seasonal activities are endless and range from guided group hikes to enjoying the outdoor activities that make each location unique. If you have a competitive side, sports leagues are also free activities that you can’t miss.

Indoor Activities

Most of our locations offer employee recreation centers and common rooms complete with comfortable seating, books, board games, puzzles, and more. After a day of work, you can gather to socialize, meet new people, and relax. Staff organized activities may include bingo, poker, movie nights, live music, and more! Depending on the locations and availability; trips, tours, seminars and cultural events are also organized so that you can take advantage of in your free time.

Adventures and Activities

Want to explore on your own? We encourage all of our employees to get out and experience the great outdoors.
Here are just some of the activities you can do on your own!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Essential items include a reusable water bottle, insect/bear repellent, sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, aloe, and lip balm, rain jacket (waterproof and breathable), and hiking boots or good athletic shoes (look for stability, all-terrain traction and comfort). Other options include a backpack/daypack (to carry your extra clothes, water, lunch, snacks, camera, binoculars, field guides, etc.), binoculars and/or spotting scope and tripod, tent, sleeping bag, headlamp, reading material and gaiters: to keep your socks and pants dry.

Due to the national parks being in a remote location, cell phone reception and internet are very limited and likely will not be available while exploring. In common areas, cell phone service may be available depending on your carrier and the location. This experience is best for those who want to disconnect and enjoy the great outdoors!

Due to the remote nature of our locations, cell reception varies throughout the park depending on your provider and plan, and Wi-Fi may be much slower than you’re accustomed to. Free Wi-Fi is available in common areas and you will likely be able to share your pictures when on Wi-Fi, if available. You can also share your experience using #XanterraLife and #LiveWorkExplore!

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