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Country Walkers is always looking for new and exciting talent, in our home office and abroad. We positively impact people’s lives through active travel experiences! Take a look at our openings and see if we have the right fit for you.

About Us

Country Walkers began with a simple idea: explore the world actively, passionately, and with a commitment to authentically engaging with local cultures. With this guiding principle, we launched the company in 1979 from an old barn in Vermont. Although we were small (and our office space rustic), our love for the beauty of the surrounding Green Mountains became contagious. Soon we expanded from local to international destinations, introducing travelers to new landscapes and cultures around the world on foot.

Today, Country Walkers is recognized as one of the leading providers of walking adventures worldwide, having garnered countless awards including National Geographic Traveler’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime” and Travel + Leisure’s “World’s Best” Awards.

We’re a Best Place to Work in Vermont

Our work environment prioritizes communication, acknowledgment of a job well done, provides a relaxed work environment, embraces spontaneous fun activity, and hires people who believe in hard work, serious play, and excellent customer service. Our passionate and highly skilled staff embody community spirit and achieve collective goals in a manner that honors our company values. Every person who works here recognizes our purpose is to create excellent travel experiences that positively change people's lives. Integrity, excellence, travel, wellness, fun, and sustainability are at the core of everything we do here, no matter what department you work in, and are emphasized at every opportunity.

We have all the cool benefits, perks, and flexibility employees are looking for today and honestly, our travel benefits are pretty amazing. However, our employees and world-wide leaders and guides are the most talented travel professionals and awesome human beings available and quite simply they are what make Country Walkers a great place to work!

We Travel Sustainably

Responsible tourism is integral to our core values. In all ways we strive to preserve indigenous cultures, support local economies, conserve wildlife, and protect the environment.

Our Values

We roll up our sleeves to face challenges, head-on, aware that the business won’t succeed unless we do.

We’re driven in the pursuit of our mission, focused on our goals, and determined to never stop improving.

We’re open to the world around us, prizing different perspectives, people, and cultures while unshakably rooted in our personal integrity.

We care, treating our team, the people we meet, and the world we’re honored to explore with dignity and respect.

We enjoy the journey, with a passion for adventure, a keen sense of humor, and a bias towards fun.

Featured Travel Roles

Tour Guide

We believe there is no better way to experience a new place than with a local guide. Country Walker guides are regional insiders eager to introduce you to the people, places, and traditions that make their country unique, whether that means chatting with an oyster farmer beside his beds in Croatia’s Mali StonBay or identifying wildflowers in Glacier National Park. As experts in diverse fields—from biology to world history to architecture—our guides are adept at sharing their insights.

Guest Services

If a guest has a question, our guest services team has the answers! Whether they want to ask about tour accommodations, have questions about air travel, are wondering if they need certain travel documents, or need to know if a custom saddle will work on our bikes, this knowledgeable team has our guests covered. As part of the job training, Guest Services team members go on yearly trips to learn the ins and outs of a particular tour (It’s a tough life!). When our guests get back, they present their experience to everyone else on the team, so everyone gets to know each and every tour and can pass on their knowledge to our Guest Service team.