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Coming to Yellowstone is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many visitors. In a park with over 2 million acres, it’s hard to know where to even start. That’s where our guided tours are the perfect solution. Our Interpretive Guides, Wranglers, and Dock Hands take guests to explore the incredible natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park.

Why Choose an Activities Job in Yellowstone?

  • You are an all-weather worker who enjoys being outdoors. Tours run in all weather: sun, rain, snow, etc., and you must be comfortable working outside in all conditions.
  • You have a passion for teaching. Guests look to our guides as the definitive source for all things Yellowstone including the history and wildlife. Not only will you be guiding guests, but you will also be responsible for teaching guests about the safety of the operation they are performing (riding horses, being on a boat in the water, etc.)
  • You have high standards. We take pride in providing world-class interpretation. Some of our interpretive guides have worked with us for over 35 years!
  • You are a people person. All positions in our Activities department are high guest contact positions. The goal is to keep guests safe and provide a high level of guest service. Plus, you get to meet guests from all over the world!

Yellowstone Jobs: Find Your Role

Interested? There are a variety of positions in our Activities department to fit what you are looking for:

The Bus Driver/Interpretive Guides operate the Class B CDL required vehicles and host excursions for Yellowstone guests while safely navigating Yellowstone roads and offering interpretive information to participants. Touring Car Drivers do not need CDLs. In addition to hosting excursions, guides may conduct Step-On guiding functions where they accompany outside tour groups as they travel through the park, conduct walking tours of historic structures and geyser basins, or lead multi-day inclusive packages and other interpretive duties during the course of their season.


Keeping the transportation department up and running is no small task for our team of Bus Washers, Service Center Laborers, Dispatchers, and Assistants. The primary responsibility of Bus Washers and Laborers is cleaning the exterior and interior of our vehicle fleet. The Dispatcher and assistants perform the administrative duties such as scheduling, training, timekeeping, reporting, budgeting, and coordinating maintenance of various vehicles.


Wranglers lead guests on one- and two-hour guided horseback rides on established trails. Providing our guests with engaging commentary on the areas they are passing through, its history, and the wildlife that live there is an important part of the job.


Stagecoach/Wagon Driver
Stagecoach and Wagon Driver positions are filled by experienced horse men and women willing to work hard and care for our guests and our horses. Providing these guests with engaging commentary on the areas they are passing through, its history and the wildlife that live there is an important part of the job. These teams of horses are large draft horses that require special skills.


Dock Hand
The Dock Hand position at Bridge Bay Marina is a very physical job involving extensive guest contact. This position is responsible for assisting and orienting the guests who rent the motorboats.


Fishing Guide
While safely piloting the 22’ Grady White charter fishing boats, the Fishing Guide will provide guests with a great fishing experience and interpretation on Yellowstone National Park. Our guides spend time with guests from all over the world and need to possess excellent teaching, communication, and guest service skills.


Activities Cashier
You are responsible for promoting and selling different activities around the park. This can be a very fast-paced position and attention to detail is paramount. Our cashiers work closely with guests from all over the world.


Scenicruise Operator and Scenicruise Mate
We offer up to seven Scenicruise tours a day. Each tour is required to have a United States Coast Guard (USCG) certified Captain on board. While one Captain pilots the 41 passenger boat, the other Captain (Mate) gives a highly interpretive and entertaining tour to the passengers.


"Great co-workers, great location."

Fun Fact: Every summer, we provide 40,000 guests Yellowstone experiences that involve horses,18,000-20,000 guests ride on our Scenicruise tours, and driving tours provide interpretive experiences to more than 65,000 visitors!

"Our colleagues in transportation (guides, bus washers, administrative assistants at bus barn) are top-notch."


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