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Food & Beverage

Since before Yellowstone was a park, people from all over the country, and the world came to this incredible place. The diversity of our guests means a wide range of tastes and preferences when it comes to food. Since we’re the primary provider of in-park meals, we’re always busy providing visitors and guests with great service and great food, often made with locally sourced ingredients.

Why Choose a Food & Beverage Job in Yellowstone?

  • You can work in one of more than 30 food and beverage facilities! They vary from quick service to full service, from delis to fine dining.
  • Since restaurants typically open for breakfast and close after dinner, there are a variety of work schedules to suit early birds or night owls (schedules will vary based on operational need).
  • The diverse people who come to Yellowstone allows you to have a lot of guest interaction and serve people from all over the world.
  • The kitchen is fast-paced and team-based. You will work in a family environment that has a strong sense of team accomplishment.
  • If you are interested in starting or enhancing your food and beverage career, the kitchen is a great place to start.
  • You have an interest in our environmental and sustainability practices.

Yellowstone Jobs: Find Your Role

Members of our Food & Beverage teams tend to feel more like a community. Positions vary in such a way that they can be great fits for those who want to stay behind the scenes or those who’d prefer working directly with guests. The variety of positions that can be assigned offer hands-on experiences that will help you decide what role in the Food & Beverage industry best suits you. For those with the interest and ability, the road to promotion is paved with opportunity. Whether you’re more interested in schedule options that support off-time experiences, or a path to a career, Food & Beverage can be a very good fit.

Interested? There are a variety of positions in our Food & Beverage department to fit what you are looking for:

Back of House
Although back of house jobs take place behind the scenes, they are essential to our operation. Working in a large operation like Yellowstone National Park allows you to develop foundational kitchen experience. Whether you are responsible for prep, set-up, service, clean-up, or restocking, the hard work required to be in the back of the house allows you to develop your culinary skills.


Front of House
When you work as a host or server in the front of the house, you are the one who creates the best experience possible for our guests. From coffee carts to bars and pubs or from quick-service grills to fine dining restaurants, there is a front of house role that is a perfect fit for you!


These important positions are all about building and maintaining mutual trust and friendship among the Food & Beverage department. They encourage an atmosphere of teamwork and strive to develop a “family” environment. Many of our leads, supervisors, and managers started in the kitchen and were promoted from within to their current managerial role (often within a single season).


Working as a chef allows you to develop, train, and mentor back of the house (BOH) managers and employees to support the goal of providing the highest possible culinary experience for our guests.


“I had the best summer in my life-full of memories and full of amazing people that I met.”

Fun Fact: Lu Harlow, Director of Food and Beverage, first came to Yellowstone for a summertime visit 30 years ago. She has spent 24 years helping Yellowstone lead the way in local, sustainable and organic food production.

“I was surrounded by great people, in a great location, and real personal/intimate connections were made.”

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